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post cards!!! March 21, 2008

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I collect post cards .  I have some from the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I also have one of the NC Panthers stadium.  I have one of the battle ship in Wilmington, Its really cool you can even get tours of it.  I’ve been to the Blue Ridge Mountains twice too.  Sunset post cards are my favrite.  But I also like nature ones as well like flowers and stuff.  They can be really cool.


Shopping for a house March 18, 2008

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March 18th- Tomorrow we are going shopping for houses.  Well, we have been for quite a while now.  But tomorrow we’re going to pick out the one we want to make an offer on.  I’m really excited, because we finallyget to know what house we’re going to have but of course we don’t know if the offers going to be accepted.

But whether or not, the offer is, God will provide for us.  He always does, he always has, he always will.  I must admit two of my favorite houses have been ruled off our list.  But currently, I feel like GOd’s going to give us a great house.  Hopefully it won’t be bug infested.  Because we live in a bug-infested house currently.  My bedroom is an ant playroom.  The cockroaches crawl in teh bathroom, and once I saw two 25 cent cockroach standing on my bed just glaring at me.

And did you know that dad says our house might as well be made of swiss cheese sometimes?  because if you counted every hole in our house you would be counting for the rest of your life, even if you were a one year old.  If you were a twenty-year-old you might be counting until you die, because there are so many holes bugs can get through.  My room alone has twenty I’ve actually counted if you live to be a hundred.  At least we don’t have silverfish.  They’re the worst.  Or flower maggot- those are awful.  They eat every bit of flour in the pantry- they infest it.  You have to get rid of every bit of flour to get rid of them, and even then some of them seem to live off of chopping-board plastic.

moveing March 12, 2008

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I don”t know how we live together in this tiny house. If we were a regular family we would be fighting all the time. especially my sister .

my whole world seems to be falling apart. I have moved from Wilmington,NC to Golds Bro, NC.my. friends are miles away some of you have never been the new kid in town,but,it hurts real bad.

gobble gobble jobble! December 11, 2007

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      Guess where my dad has a job?  A ball of butter?  No, that’s not right.  Butterball, that’s it!  And guess what they do.  I bet you can guess by the front of it- they freeze turkeys.  You should see a road leading away from my dad’s work.  You can follow the turkey feathers all the way out to an interstate.  That’s really silly.  It’s hard to imagine millions of turkeys coming down that road every single day.
      And did you know, that right now Butterball is the turkey brand of choice.  You go anywhere and you won’t see very many Butterball turkeys right now.  That’s because so many people are buying them!  But if you go to Butterball, sometimes you will hear a little oinking and grunting.  Because they also process a little pig every once in a while.  But Butterball is definitely NOT the pork of choice.  They’re much better at turkeys than they are at pigs.
       Once I saw a person coming out of my dad’s work wearing a t-shirt that said, “Gobble Gobble I’m a Turkey.”  I literally laughed my head off.  But he doesn’t exactly work at the place where the feathers are all over the place.  (And it’s very stinky when the wind is the wrong direction.)  Luckily for him, he works at a tiny office doing the computerized stuff for the company. 

     We’ve also found a rental house.  It’s very cute, but the thing I like the most about it is the grass it has at it: nice, young, and fresh.  But  very sandy too.  It has a big storage building, and I just plain like it. 

I hope you like this article!

Dad’s Job November 20, 2007

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My Dad just got a new job!!!  He’s been unemployed for about three months.  And we have been waiting and praying and finally he’s got a new job.  His new job is in Goldsboro.  But our house is having trouble selling. But we’re only in the first step of the new job. 

Here’s some pictures of our house, and it’s for sale!